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  • Kaksostentie 6, Helsinki, Finnland

Welding company.

Our subsidiary Finnish company offers work for welders with experience in welding metalwork and pipe welding:
An employee must have experience in this field (TIG, MIG, MAG, gas cutting) for at least 3 years.
Project: We do welding work in pits of large construction projects for the installation of piles, pipes and pipelines, floors, walls of pits and foundations, bridges and also welding repair of construction equipment (excavating buckets, booms, hydraulic cylinders, etc.)
The main work will be held in Helsinki. For the first meeting, the employee must come to Tallinn or Helsinki for an interview. The employee must have minimum knowledge of English, Finnish or Estonian, ability to read drawings.
Workers receive contributions to the health insurance fund and all taxes are paid in Finland.
Schedule must be coordinated with the head of the object in advance, so as not to break the team and always someone was at work, for example: 3 weeks at work and 1 week at home.
The employee himself organizes and pays the way from work to home.
For good living conditions, the employer organizes the employee's housing, and the employee pays 150 euro / month.
Work 8-10 hours a day, sometimes in exceptional cases 11-12 hours a day, sometimes on weekends .... Average monthly paid for 180-230 hours.
Each employee is provided with 30 days paid vacation, from the calculation of the average salary of 2000-2500 Euros.
The salary is negotiated with each employee individually, starting from 11 Euro / hour. Depending on the qualification and work experience, we can raise the salary to 12.50Euro / hour. An employee must have an EU passport.
The employee must have a valid safety card (green) and a fire safety card (blue). Diploma, valid welder certificate. If necessary, the employer can help in obtaining these cards, and organize the welding certificate.
All employees will be issued a Finnish personal identification code.