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Tatkraft AS

Pärnu maantee 142, Tallinn, Estonia

Tatkraft is an international business company. Our company is operating from 2012 and sustainably growing ever since

Tatkraft motto is ‘Brings comfort to every house’.

– Tatkraft has a wide range of bathroom accessories and storage solutions.
– Baby items and Kitchen accessories range is growing fast.
– We have a perfect range of heavy-duty clothes rails and shoe racks, waste bins and mobile laptop desks. Tatkraft brings comfort to B2B customers today as well (to offices and shops).

Our European R&D team creates and develops new items in Tallinn and Helsinki offices. Production is held in Tatkraft industrial branches in China, Taiwan, Poland and Russia. A lot of our products are BEST-SELLING AMAZON items on European and USA marketplaces.

Main priority for us is to maintain quality on high-level and to develop items that could help to make your home a convenient and relaxing place.

We think the Best item is simple to use, could be assembled without hustle and any additional tools (forget about drilling or nailing!). It is waterproof, stylish, compact, mobile and functional. We are passionate to think through the package and make it optimal in order to reduce package and delivery costs and to produce less waste. Therefore, you could pay fair price for high-quality long-lasting items that will make your life easier.