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Sia Vedam Latvija

Tallinn, Estonia

A rapidly growing transport business is looking for a manager for work in Estonia. We are an experienced and trustworthy company from Latvia, and we seek a person with similar qualities.

We offer a full moving service as well as different type of freight transportation for private and legal entity.

- Furniture carriage and delivery (including assembly and dissemble);
- Building material delivery;
- Construction tool and equipment delivery;
- Office equipment carriage and delivery;
- Personal property packing and transfer;
- Raw material delivery for enterprise;
- Household and electrotechnic transfer or delivery;
- All type of deliveries from DEPO, K-RAUTA, KRŪZA, Būvniecība ABC etc. supermarkets
- Motorbike, quad bike and other cargo transfer;
- International shipping- Baltics, Scandinavia and Europe. 
- Express delivery- anywhere in the Baltics, Scandinavia, Europe, in 2- 48 h, from one package to 8 pallets.

We have everything to secure cargo and deliver it safely.

Load cargo size: length up to 420cm, width up to 166 cm (between wheels 125 cm), and height 187 cm.

In corporation with the best trailer rental companies, we access to different nature and size trailers.