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We are performing the pioneering research in developing a completely new class of medicine based on the molecule messenger RNA (mRNA). The principle of our technology is the use of this molecule as a data carrier to instruct the human body to produce its own proteins capable of fighting a wide range of diseases

26 Feb, 2021
Senior Scientist Translational and Clinical Science (f/m/d) Design. Progress. Together. CureVac AG is a biopharmaceutical company researching and developing novel drugs based on the natural molecule Messenger RNA (mRNA). Our focus is on innovative cancer immunotherapies, prophylactic vaccines and molecular therapies. Currently, about 500 RNA people are striving to achieve our main goal: To bring multiple best-in-class mRNA drugs to market. To boost our team in Frankfurt am Main we are currently looking to recruit a Senior Scientist Translational and Clinical Science (f/m/d) Job ID: 2201-2101 Your responsibilities: Planning and executing high quality and state of the art clinical immunomonitoring/biomarker programs to enable projects to achieve clinical milestones . Write immunomonitoring/ biomarker plans as part of clinical development plans Discuss plans and data with external experts and integrate their advice to achieve and maintain excellence in the field Provide...
CureVac Frankfurt, Germany