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Younovo (UK) International Education

Established in 1999 in Jilin Province, Younovo (UK) International Education Ltd is devoted to introduce the best international education resources to local schools and higher education institutes. We provide professional and high level consultancy services on joint programme schemes and marketing promotions between Chinese and foreign schools and agencies. We aim to fulfil each student’s dream of further education and to study aboard.

Service Include:-

  1. Connect exchange programmes between Chinese and foreign institutes for joint programme,
    interschool exchange programme and teacher training programme.
  2. Marketing expansion for foreign institutes, including provide marketing promotion to Chinese education agencies, local schools and colleges; tailor marketing strategies for foreign institutes and recruitment of students.
  3. Organize and promote short term programmes including summer and winter holidays courses.
  4. We also provide high-quality foreign teachers for higher education institutions, foreign language schools, primary and secondary schools, and kindergarten education.