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SchoolKeep enables you to create your own online school to offer your courses to students, employees or customers anywhere in the world. Our suite of cloud–based tools makes it easy for you to launch your school website, add your curriculum, market your courses and deliver a great user experience to your learners. Our team of experts can assist you with transferring your content, designing your school website and developing your courseware. Let us handle the operational complexities of running an online school so you can focus on teaching. We are a dedicated team of engineers, designers and entrepreneurs who share a passion for educational technology and a commitment to excellence. We see a ave new world for online education just over the horizon. The rising cost of traditional schooling and the proven benefits of online learning are driving thousands of educators to move toward digital instruction. We are motivated by the need to help educators succeed in this new paradigm. Each day we create software and provide services that help educators reach students from all over the world in a way that is affordable and enjoyable.SchoolKeep is a place where you;ll have the opportunity to make an impact and realize your full potential. It;s a place where you can be proud of your work and it will be recognized. After all, you;re the best at what you do and that;s why we want to hire you.