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At SportsRecruits, we build sport-specific platforms to help high school student-athletes market themselves to college coaches. The tools we offer take an inherently disorganized, stressful and time-consuming process and streamline it, saving users time while greatly maximizing their efficiency. We currently operate sites for field hockey, lacrosse, soccer and volleyball.Members build a profile and use our Built-In Messaging System to communicate directly with college coaches. Every interaction (profile view, video view, etc.) is aggregated in one place, allowing users to focus their efforts on those schools reciprocating interest. Every NCAA Division I, II and III coach is a registered user of each site we operate.We sell our products two ways:1. Directly to players and parents.2. To ClubTravel Programs (e.g., AAU). This is a SaaS product that gives a program;s staff a 360-degree view of each of its players; recruiting efforts, and provides us with a recurring revenue base. Seven Reasons to Work at SportsRecruits1. Fast Growing - Triple digit growth per year means more opportunities to get your hand;s dirty and actually affect the bottom line2. Passion - You will get to help high school athletes have the opportunity to play in college. (Playing a college sport = some of the best life experiences)3. Great People - 16 fun, intelligent, happy, and hardworking co-workers means you love the people you work with. We also are wise beyond our years after taking a company from the basement to the black.4. Control Your Destiny - Because we are a small company, everyone;s ideas are important and play an influential roll in making our company even better.5. Based in beautiful New York, NY. If you can make it here…6. The industry leader in streamlining the recruiting process.7. We have some of the best customers in the world. We work with parents who are doing everything they can to help their sons or daughters through the recruiting process and find a college where their children are going to grow socially, academically and athletically. (My parents did the same thing ten years ago when I went through the recruiting process and I plan on doing the same thing when my kids are trying to find a college where they can play lacrosse or maybe dance or be on the debate team, whatever…)