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UrbanBound is a web-based Relocation Management Software that helps companies offer a comprehensive platform to their newly hired and transferring employees, resulting in lower costs and higher employee satisfaction. Fortune 1000 companies are utilizing UrbanBound to streamline the relocation process for their employees, aiming to ing order instead of chaos and excitement instead of stress. With the resources provided within our platform, employees plan and organize their entire relocation while being connected to suppliers who offer preferred pricing through our exclusive group buying power. Our eakthrough approach has changed the way businesses relocate and onboard employees forever. We have a family culture that embodies the work hardplay hard mentality. We wanted to create a culture of people that care not only about what they;re doing, but also about one another. One of our core values is to create WOW moments whenever possible, and it;s amazing to see that carry over from our customer relationships into our relationships with one another. We are not a company with silos that people aimlessly fill - we work together because we believe that collaboration is the only way to push the envelope to its fullest potential, eaking through the boundaries of what the world is comfortable with. We strive to ing in the viewpoints of people that see the world from different perspectives. Everyone here truly believes that if there;s a will, there;s a way, and we all know that we can find a solution to any given obstacle. We won;t give up until we find it.We;ve been ranked a Top Generation Y employer in Chicago and are going to grow rapidly in 2015. Check out what it;s like to work here -;a target=_blank href=http:www.urbanbound.comcareerswww.urbanbound.comcareersa.