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Pave is a marketplace lender focused on providing credit to the "millennial" generation. We allow individuals to borrow money to fund their career and financial development. Our loans are 2 and 3 year installment loans and range from $3,000 to $25,000 with interest rates starting as low as 6%. Millennial;s, those aged 20 - 35 years old account for the largest segment of the US population and number approximately 80mm. Since 2008 and the financial crisis a huge amount of these individuals have been unable to access affordable credit due to the regulatory changes and due to having a "thin credit file". Its therefore not surprising that this generation has a fundamental mistrust of the banking system. We;ve developed a unique algorithm that lets us lend to these thin files on an attractive risk adjusted basis. Further, by personalizing the user experience, adding transparency to the process and a heightened sense of customer service we;re already seeing a great reaction to our product. Pave is a FinTech startup disrupting the way our generation accesses funding by providing a loan that;s transparent, personal, and above all, affordable.Based in West Soho, we are a small, energized team who has honed our skills and experience in law, structured finance, payments and social networking at companies such as Apple, American Express, Facebook, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft and Visa. We are looking for someone as enthusiastic as we are about the future of Pave and finance for millennials.