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Shopmania Eesti OÜ
ShopMania is a price comparison system and a shopping portal offering free shopping resources for you, the consumer. Our aim is to offer you a unique shopping experience and help you make smart and informed purchasing decisions.

Millions of people in 26 countries consult us every month before making their online purchases. By using the best technology and expertise available, we ensure that each shopper chooses the best option available.

How can I buy something?

ShopMania is not an online shop and does not sell any products or services. We are a consumer resource and simply connect online shoppers to merchants of all sizes and types.

The stores listing their products on ShopMania are subject to periodical reviews based on your feedback. If you wish to purchase any of the products listed on ShopMania, you just need to click to go directly to the online store, where you can place your order.