Banca de Joburi
Banca de Joburi is a recruitment agency specialized in placing people abroad, with a head office based in Brasov – Romania, and with over 15 years of experience in the human resources and recruitment fields.
Banca de Joburi is internationally active, with a large portfolio of jobs abroad.
We pride ourselves with thousands of successfully placed candidates in different countries and fields, but also with over 1.000 partnerships with important companies in search of staff. 
We offer career consultancy and orientation, preparation of all legal formalities for getting working permits in countries with restrictions, and monitoring candidates during their contracts abroad through a continuous assistance and support service.
We also offer appealing jobs in attractive countries, surpassing challenges such as competition from other nationalities, work restrictions and legislation: England and the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Cyprus etc. 
Banca de Joburi is authorised by the Romanian Ministry of Labor through its Territorial Labor Inspectorate of Brasov, activating under the legal dispositions regarding the protection of Romanian citizens that work abroad.
Banca de Joburi has managed to create, maintain and strengthen a series of quality standards. Every day we search for the best solutions and working procedures in order to improve services offered to our clients, both candidates looking for a job and employers who offer vacancies.

A few of our quality standards:
- Providing counseling and career orientation services to all candidates, free of charge
- Job mediation with no mediation fees or other commissions
- Offering high quality consultancy services regarding the legal conditions of entering the job market in different countries (legal employment conditions and terms etc.)
- High level of exigency in creating candidate’s resumes and organizing the selection file
- Relatively quick mediation of the working contracts
- 24/7 emergency support
- Personalized permanent assistance for each candidate
- Pre-sale support offered to all candidates that work abroad
- All candidates have access to an emergency phone number available 24/ 7
What recommends us:
- Our history: over 15 years experience in recruiting and placing candidates in most countries and fields
- Our present: an activity based on quality, professionalism and efficiency
- Our future: a vision and a noble purpose in the service of our clients 

What are candidates looking for a job abroad looking for?
1. To work with reliable agencies, which respect their clients and which are able to correctly represent them in front of employers
2. To find professional services at a fair price
3. To find experienced recruiters, who know how to apply their career development plans

For all of your questions, we have the answer! Together we are building your career!