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Who we are

Contriber is an international company dedicated to empowering organizations by providing them with a variety of services and products that improve the team collaboration process.

Our team is based in Estonia, the US, and the UK. Our headquarter is housed in Contriber Labs, a beautifully renovated building located in the heart of Tartu, Estonia. Contriber Labs, a business center for IT and growth companies, also serves as a venue for social functions and other local events.

A strong supporter of the startup ecosystem, Contriber facilitated Tartu Music Week 2015 and launched Garage48 HUB Tartu, a community led coworking space for startups, creative, tech and entrepreneurial people from Tartu and beyond.

Contriber Founder and CEO, Rein Lemberpuu, was recently named ‘Contributor of the Year’ by the Estonian Startup Leaders Club and also received the ‘Startup Community Builder of the Year’ award from the Estonian Business Angels Network (ESTBAN).

Contriber’s goal is to not only help grow the local startup community, but startups the world over as well, by providing them with training, content, and collaboration products to assist in their development.

Our software products

Since our company’s inception in 2014, we have developed two software applications, Contriber & Includer. Both products are cloud services that help various types of organizations communicate and collaborate more effectively.

Launched in the summer of 2015, our primary application, Contriber, has matured greatly over the past few months. Includer, a task-specific application, helps managers and team leaders easily gather feedback about their ideas to help with tackling problems and making more-informed decisions. You can learn more about this product by watching this video.   

We are continually working to improve both of these applications, and have plans to design and develop other software in the near future as well.