02 Jul, 2019

Temporary Night Nanny and Maternity Nurse for Twins in St Johns Wood Ref 3159

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  • London, UK
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St Johns Wood, London

Position: Maternity Nurse

Duration: Temporary

Hours: Full-Time

Type: Live-in

Start date: October 2019

Reference: 3159


£250/day gross

We are looking for a night nanny and maternity nurse for a family with twins.

Location: St John's Wood, NW8

Mum is expecting her twins in the middle of October 2019 and she will need help shortly after.

Schedule: - 3 nights per week for the first month - after that 24/5 or 24/6 for 2-3 months This can be covered by two experts: first night nanny, then maternity nurse for the second portion. Twins will be bottle fed. Mum is looking for someone who will be able to help her, support her and teach her about newborn care. Salary offered is negotiable and depends on the experience of the nurse/night nanny.

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