03 Jul, 2019

Business Intelligence analyst - Jet

  • DataCareer GmbH
  • Vernier, Switzerland
Big Data

Töö kirjeldus - job description.

  • Gather and compile Jet related data from RC, TS and MS to create visibility of the shared Jet portfolio
  • Help build tools and models to support optimum and value based decision making
  • Participate to RC-TS-MS market discussions and provide data to support and steer decisions
  • Price analysis along the supply chain
  • Develop understanding of operational constraints of the Jet Supply Chain
  • Develop and track a set of KPI to monitor the performance of the shared Jet Portfolio

Context and environment

  • The demanding market environment requires working to short deadlines and upon demand, as conditions change and as information is required.
  • The person must react quickly and effectively to prompt demands while keeping up a steady work flow of analysis to track the evolution of fundamentals and market prices.
  • Precision, reliability, and rapidity are essential, so is stakeholders management

Candidate profile

  • Master’s degree in engineering, economics, finance, or business. A specialization in oil or energy markets or knowledge of the sector is an advantage, as are certifications such as the CFA.
  • Excellent analytical capabilities. Logical. Rigorous. Creative. Ability to step back from the detail to get the bigger picture.
  • Excellent writing skills, notably for succinctness and precision.
  • IT capabilities, able to implement tools and models to support price and data analysis.
  • Excellent relationship and communication skills. Assertive and confident.

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Downstream Processes, Flow Managemet Optimisation

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Employment type

Regular position

Experience level required

3 - 6 years

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Trading Shipping :

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