04 Jul, 2019

Native German-speaking Buddy/Manny for a family in Hampstead Heath Ref ANN2506M

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  • London, UK
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Töö kirjeldus - job description.

Start: asap
Days/times: Mondays or Wednesdays 3pm - 6pm
Location: Hampstead Heath
Children: Three girls aged 4
Driver necessary? no

A buddy who is FLUENT in German needed to look after and play with three little girls whose parents want them to be exposed to the German language in a fun and relaxed setting. The buddy would pick the girls up from two different schools near each other and then in good weather, walk to the park to explore in the forest, climb trees, play, sing, read stories, all in German.

The buddy to play with the girls and have creative outdoor fun. This would be weekly in term time and sporadic in school holidays and in good weather it would be outside but in bad weather at one of the girls home.

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