04 Jul, 2019

Data Science Course Developer and Instructor - R

  • DataCareer GmbH
  • Vernier, Switzerland
Big Data

Töö kirjeldus - job description.

The EPFL Extension School is looking for a data scientist course developer and instructor to join our team and develop our multi-course Data Science Communication and Visualization program with R. Here’s what you’ll get to do in this role:

  • Produce educational content (written and video) to teach learners hands-on data visualisation skills using R and the tidyverse (dplyr, tidyr, ggplot2, shiny, rmarkdown, htmlwidgets, etc.)
  • Develop activities to improve and test learners knowledge. This would include exercises, case studies and project guidance, centered on rmarkdown reports and Shiny applications
  • Design and lead workshops and hackathons, and participate in conferences to promote the EPFL Extension School, data science and digital skills to a wide audience
  • Support learners through 1-1 chat, group chat, support forum, for their course and capstone project work and presentations
  • Collaborate with partners from academia and the private sector to identify opportunities for development of new courses and workshops as well as learner course projects
  • Manage additional course development and other activities to support the growth of the EPFL Extension School

The audience for the EPFL Extension School courses extends to a large, general public and the knowledge level of the learners will range from novice (no prior experience with R and/or in data science) to intermediate (strong familiarity, possibly but not necessarily university or post-graduate level knowledge). The course developer and instructor should be able to adapt his/her approach and output accordingly.

We expect a solid, demonstrable and practical background in all domains of data science relevant to beginner- and intermediate-level learners. In particular, we expect you to be have extensive hands-on experience with the most common tools, methods, and applications of all stages of the data science pipeline (i.e. data cleaning to data visualisation), using R. You will also have a proven ability to explain basic and difficult concepts in data/data science clearly and effectively to a wide audience.

Additional required qualifications:

  • Previous experience with data science projects (teaching or not);
  • Excellent communications and relationship management / « people » skills;
  • Excellent written verbal presentation skills and the ability to communicate both to business and technical audiences, with a wide variety of skills / skill levels;
  • Strong organisational skills;
  • Good team player;
  • Self-starter, capable of autonomous time management and work;
  • Fluent English, both written and spoken;
  • Comfortable with developer tools: git, the command line, code editors, etc.;

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