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23 May, 2020

Electrical Engineer Portugal

€800 - €1,200 kuus
  • Portugal
Täisajaga   Elektrik / Elektrikute / Elektrikutele Energeetika / Loodusvarade Inseneride / Inseneridele / Inseneeria

Töö kirjeldus - job description.


Electrical Engineer 

We are one well-kept secret. 

We are a company recently based in Portugal, with 20 years of Swedish experience background. 

We are currently developing world-changing projects focusing on unique and completely original concepts. 

Did we get your attention? Feel like taking a leap of faith? 


What you will be doing:

 - Design, control, and implement electrical systems and products 

- Develop manufacturing processes according to global engineering codes and standards

- Manage engineering projects and deliver them on time

- Define product and usage needs and requirements 

- Ensure that installations and applications are in line with product and usage needs and safety standards

- Collaborate with engineers and technicians to design and apply new system processes 

- Examine needs on new equipment, calculate costs and help prepare budgets 


We are looking for someone with this set of skills: 

  • 3-5 years of relevant experience as na Electric Engineer 
  • Degree in Electric Engineering or relevant area 
  • Strong knwoledge on circuit design 
  • Apply linear systems theory and analysis 
  • Develop electrical schematics 
  • Data collection and analysis 
  • Build and operate computer systems 
  • Prepare operational plans 
  • Electronic equipment maintenance 
  • Direct construction activities and equipment upkeep 
  • Enthusiasm 
  • Good technical abilities 
  • Innovation 
  • Teamworking skills 
  • The ability to work well under pressure 
  • The motivation to work extra hours when necessary 
  • Relevant technical knowledge and up-to-date sector knowledge 
  • Project management skills 
  • Analytical and problem-solving approach to work 
  • Oral and written communication skills to make technical information easy to understand for non-Technical audiences 
  • Flexibility in order to adapt to evolving technologies 
  • Planning and organisational skills, such as time and resource allocation 
  • Ability to work in a multidisciplinary team 
  • Leadership and management skills to help with career progression 


Group harmony and personal skills are very importante for us as well.   

  • You are quick starter
  • You are focused
  • You are positive about studying and knowledge
  • Your family is very important in your life and you give them a lot of time, not just by thinking but by doing.
  • You respect the knowledge about what's good for your life and what's not and you take it seriously.
  • You have a vision or a hobby, that is a very important to you. You give it your time, respect, support and take it seriously.
  • You know that by challenging yourself and by getting out of your comfort zone you will grow, and you practice it professionally and personally and somehow enjoy doing it. 


Do you have it all? Every single one? 

Then you will like our application process. 

Our application process is long and demanding for both sides. If you feel you don’t fit or
don’t have all the skills we are looking for, please don’t answer it. 


This is what you can expect from being a part of our team: 

  • Highly focused yet relaxed work environment; 
  • Bonus system based on work performance, productivity, study and personal development; (Controll your sallary) 
  • Free access to the gym, training on working hours 
  • Study time at work; 
  • Integration in highly innovative projects 
  • Constant in challanging and developing. 


If you Konnected with the profile we are searching for, start the application process by
clicking on the link and filling in the form. 

Job is remote but located in Portugal.

All remote work is based on desktime performance software.

For the trial period, you will have to use your personal computer.

We ask the exclusive rights of your work.
Contract condition: First contract of 3 month (firts month is of trial period) + 2 month limited contract.

Then year contract.

Don’t feel insecure by filling in the form. We won’t use your email address for anything else 
than this application process. We are gathering talents, not emails!

Send us your CV refering JOB4FALTAONOME in the subject of the email.

After you fill in the form, it’s very important to pay close attention to all the instructions.

Lets connect? 


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